Driven by the success of the online store and the desire of customers to touch the beauty of jewelry live, we have created a cozy place where you can immerse yourself in the diamond magic. Created especially for the customer, our showroom puts individuality first. Here, in the atmosphere of beauty and grace, you can be sure that you will make the best choice, as all possible hesitations, which are usually associated with the unbiased internet environment of online shopping, will be revealed by the experienced opinion of our specialists.

B. Banda is a community of people who love beauty, shine, but simplicity and prefer quality to quantity. They love to laugh and shine and know that good taste can be seen in the details. 

I dream of red carpets and exciting adventures and they drove me into the diamond world of Tatiana Duharska and we created B.Banda - a line of jewelry inspired by life and dreams. Wearing a natural diamond means you have something of history and value, and whenever I look at my hand and see some of our jewelry, I feel like I'm part of something very special.

Thank you for being part of the dream.


"Diamonds do not seem to be just jewelry, but an unattainable and beautiful longing and personification of the real bear - whether it is a romantic gesture, a symbol of status or a piece of love for ourselves, which makes our aura shine."

The My First Diamond collection is here to remind us that the most precious thing is not the size of the gemstone.